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Washer and Dryer Sale Tips

There really nothing better than finding a washer and dryer sale happening.

 I mean who really wants to pay retail? I don’t know anyone who likes to do so, well unless you have more money than you know what to do with, than it just does not matter if you buy then on sale.


But before run out and buy a washing machine and clothes dryer just because they are on sale. Here are some tips very well worth considering in your washer and dryer sale quest.


Front load washers in our opinion are the best route to take. They are much more energy efficient then top loaders. They use quite a bit less water. And if you wash your clothes in warm or hot water this can add up to a major yearly savings. Not only will you be using less electricity because there will be less water to heat but you will also be saving water. A very green way to go.


Secondly the washer is able to spin at a much faster rate. Because it is able to do this more water is expunged during the spin cycle. And since less water is in the clothing your dryer does not have to work as hard. Which in turn save you even more money and who doesn’t like to save money and the environment at the same time.


As far as dryers are concerned there are a couple of features to look for. The best feature is a dryer that has a moister sensor. The sensor is able to gauge the moister in the air that is being blown out and will automatically turn off the dryer once the moister reaches a certain point. This is a great feature in that it prevents cooking your clothes. Ever been burned by a hot button on a pair of jeans?

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The next best feature in a dryer would be one that has a temperature sensor. The dryer will automatically shut off after it reaches a temperature that tells the dryer that the clothes are dry. Any other timed dryer can cost you 10% to 20% more in energy costs.


Our Best Washer and Dryer Sale Tip


Our biggest tip when shopping for your washer and dryer sale is to make sure you buy energy efficient washers and dryers. In fact before you do anything we would recommend that you do an internet search for “energy efficient appliance tax credit”. You will be amazed at how much you could get in rebates from the government. Please do this. A small upgrade in price to get a more efficient model could return get you a higher rebate, in other words the government pays for your upgrade.


Our final tip is to make sure you check out the electrical socket for the dryer. There are a few different types of sockets. And buying the wrong plug means another trip to the appliance store. Or of course you can always take the old plug off and reuse it.


Hopefully these tips will help you in washer and dryer sale adventure. Remember it is cheaper to go green, check for government rebates, and check the sockets.  

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